Thursday, 01 March 2012 18:21

Traditions Expanded

Written by  Fredrick C. Hela

=L1S= Traditions

Since the early days of BF2 Last One Standing had ran Infantry Only Mondays every week on our popular BF2 Server. 

This tradition continued through to BC2 and now for BF3. With this Old School tradition we offer another weekly experience that we hope will continue to build itself as a new =L1S= Tradition with MONDAYS and THURSDAYS as special settings nights.

Last One Standing has always mixed up our arrangement of servers, modes and settings to bring the widest variety of entertaining options to the Battlefield Community.

Why go elsewhere when you can experience everything on one server? We are that active clan of Admins and Members that professionally offer every service we can to our member and fan base, because like you, we want to try it all. 

It is more difficult then,  to just throw up a basic one feature server but =L1S= has always been more than that. We don't mind the extra effort of redesigning new rotations and server options for the BF community to enjoy. If we are not improving we are sitting still and we are never satisfied with that here at =L1S=. 

We are continuing to"Mix it up" with various options and map rotations.

Hopefully each will offer a whole new experience for our Server Patrons, enough to satisfy their curiosity of alternate modes & settings beyond the normal vanilla setup. 

We have always taken extra pride in offering all the game has to offer in one nicely wrapped organized and professional package. 

We hope to see you all in our servers each of these special nights! 

Cya on the Battlefield! 

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