=L1S= Clan History

Welcome to Last One Standing =L1S= Gaming Community.

Always looking for the next best thing, =L1S= has decided a multi-gaming clan will be our next challenge.

We didn't start out like that, =L1S= started oddly enough in another clan.

As the story goes, originally Qoreman had the idea to try and get a few guys together willing to chip in on a game server and website so we could control our own server.

During these days BF2 was the most popular game in the entire FPS community and to find a fairly ran server for mature players was almost impossible. Qoreman decided to send his proposal for a new clan to 8 other members of their current clan.

To Qoreman's surprise 7 of the 8 guys agreed to meet and discuss this idea. The first meeting of what would be later known as the Server Owners Board (SOB) took place that weekend.

The Original 9 Founders met together in a neutral 3rd party ventrilo, to not alert their current clan of any "mutiny". We did this to allow someone the chance to change their mind and remain in the more established clan if they didn't like Qore's proposal. Those in attendance that day were; SergeMan, svfdf10, Gundamngood, Bondojoe, Mcadence, Tierlac, Bullettooth, Crashwingman and Qoreman.

This meeting Started September 1st, 2006 and the pressure was all on Qoreman to convince 8 complete strangers to invest their time and money in his ideas. The pitch was short and sweet, "We will all be equal partners, "Server Owners" if you will, owning exactly 1/9th of the server, ventrilo and the website even though it will be in my name", Qore stated. The proposal was for all 8 of these members to send their share of the starting quote to Qore so he could purchase all the things a proper BF2 Clan would need.

Qore reveled his ace in the hole; "SergeMan here is my best friend, we have known each other for years and he has all the technical knowledge we would ever need to build and maintain a website with forums", Qore said.

Qore went on to say that all the Server Owners would have to do is decide on our rules, code of conduct and of course our name, having  an equal say in all decisions that effect the clan. Qore then went on to promise the group of cautious strangers that if they followed his Clan Model they would be able to fill the clan with mature like minded players, eventually taking the burden off of us for sole financial support and server administration.

They all agreed to trust Qore and send him their portion of the starting fees, the Clan was born this day. The Founders spent the rest of the day making up Clan names and googling them to see if anyone else had come up with that idea. After several failed attempts we all decided on Last One Standing with a tag that looked like this, =L1S=.

September 2nd, 2006 =L1S= Last One Standing was born, this picture was emailed to all the Server Owners as the first look at the New Clan's logo. This was the launching point for many more versions to come. The logo idea was to represent a lone soldier standing strong after the smoke clears, as the years went on we proved this to be very true even surpassing the bigger clan we all came from originally.

September 5th we had our first game server, ventrilo and website (courtesy of SergeMan) and we were off an running. At times it proved very difficult for us to get games going on a brand new server with so many unpopular rules at the time. Collectively the Server Owners took turns staying up during the late hours to always ensure one admin was online and in game to admin the server. The =L1S= BF2 32 man server was empty for the most part through those first few weeks while we tried to establish a following. Hardly getting a chance to play a full game themselves, the SOB's tirelessly continued on to build a fan base from within the BF2 Community. During our first week we had a visit from Bondybot, a British friend of ours from our old clan that offered his services to the Clan. Bondy brought with him several other British players which helped us out tremendously during the late hours to keep games going on the server. Bondy was granted Server Owners status from that point on helping us out with all fees to the game server.

We were growing, several active members and 10 SOB's officially at this point.

Recruitment began, at first we were a very open clan with hardly any requirements to join other than simply posting your interest in our forums. =L1S= started to grow fast and after a short amount of time the SOB's realized that quantity was not better than quality. =L1S= experienced its first major growing pains with unruly members and an SOB that decided his status allowed him to bend our rules. The SOB's were faced with their hardest decision ever and after many failed attempts at reconciliation they were eventually forced to let one of their own go once again reducing the SOB's number to 9.

The days turned to months and the months turned to years as =L1S= continued to grow and to flourish. =L1S= adapted to their growth by appointing positions within the clan for member that showed interest in helping the clan grow.

=L1S= established Head Admins, Game Servers Admins, General admins with kick and last but not least warn admins for new members to teach them how to use the clan's customized in-game admin short cuts. BF2 was a spectacular game, offering longevity with ranks as well as never ending possibilities to battle results. During the second year of =L1S= they managed to expand their popularity with the BF2 community by offering prizes to server patrons just for visiting the server. The Clan offered Best buy cards with assorted dollar amounts as prizes for simply being lucky enough to have your number drawn. Seeing what a great impact this was and with donations coming in steadily =L1S= was able to give away $200.00 worth of gift cards each year to its members. The Christmas Lottery has now become a tradition as =L1S= does it bigger and better each year. Riding the high =L1S= was experiencing inside of the Clan we began to see a competitive streak surfacing from some of our members, one point =L1S= had the 2 players in the Top 5 of the world ranked by EA for Anti-Tank and Armour which now that its said, the irony of that is hard to dismiss. =L1S= enveloped members from many other clans extending our appeal which eventually lifted =L1S= to the top 5 clan list in the US and top 10 of BF2 clans world-wide.

=L1S= 32 man BF2 server had reached the height of its popularity at the end of the 2nd year. =L1S= had no choice but to accommodate this by upgrading to a 40 man server and even adding another 32 man ranked server to play expansions and booster packs. The =L1S= servers ran fine, at times both servers were full needing admins to make spots for members, but all good things must come to an end. During the start of the 3rd year alot of =L1S= members started to lose interest in BF2, including the Founders themselves. =L1S= suffered its lowest point during that summer with some founders unable or unwilling to return, while other members decided to go on their own way. To make matters worst the Server Provider had overcharged the clan for their service costing the clan a lot of extra charges making =L1S= go completely broke. Holding the clan together at this point were a few surprising members like Apostle and Qmax who have gained tremendous amounts of respect for sticking with =L1S= during its worst lull in 3 years. The Fall came and with the autumn colors came a glimmer of change as Qoreman returned from being deployed at sea. The old servers were scrapped and with the help of SergeMan the website was moved to a new web hosting company. =L1S= server IP had changed and many feared it would be sometime before the server filled up, again we were surprised of our impact on the BF2 community. =L1S= had people stop playing BF2 until we got back online. =L1S= was back!!

=L1S= once again started to shine, picking right up where it had left off in the spring by gaining new members and doing what it does best by providing the BF2 community with the best, competitive battles on the internet. Recognizing the need for leadership with so many of the Founders missing, Qmax and eventually Apostle were assimilated as Community Leaders of the BF2 Chapter. Under the guidance of Crashwingman, Apostle, Qmax and Nubee =L1S= became vigilant in cleaning up its servers from the growing dangers of hackers and cheaters. =L1S= joined PBBans and had the server added to the PunkBuster Master Ban list. Multiple hackers and cheaters were identified and dealt with swiftly by =L1S= Hacker Patrol team, bringing hundreds of accounts to their inevitable end making =L1S= and its active admin staff the worst place to play for cheaters.

Membership grew and so did morale, the donations were flying in allowing =L1S= to continue to have its Annual Christmas lottery. During this time period another member started to shine as a natural leader and this was Captphrede. Longtime player in our server "Phrede" was always a bit resistant to join the clan but he eventually broke down and jumped in with both feet making a big splash in the clan by rising through the admin ranks in record time. Towards the start of the 4th year Battlefield 2 was losing its luster with all the new games coming out in the spring of 2010. One of the spring games that caught everyone's attention was Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2), several of =L1S= members gained access to the Beta of BFBC2 and it was apparent that it would be a game =L1S= would like to be a part of. =L1S= pre-ordered a 32 man ranked BFBC2 server through its provider and at the launch of the game =L1S= was online ready to play. To the surprise of the clan starting out in BFBC2 would be nothing like the slow start we had in BF2, quickly the BFBC2 server filled up and gained praise for the clan for bringing our style of fair play with us to this modern rendition of Battlefield. Many of regular players of our BF2 server had joined us in BFBC2 which ultimately sealed the fate of our 32 man battlefield 2 Server.

Saturday June 26th, 2010 =L1S= had a farewell party in its =L1S= 32 Man Ranked BF2 server. To honor the game and the memories they had. The server ended up being full the whole day despite the desire of members wanting to play the newer BFBC2. =L1S= let BF2 die that day in their hearts, it was much more than a game to the clan, it was a resource of fun and friendship that had always been there for them despite the arduous perils of everyday life. They put their faith into BFBC2 and the future of =L1S= Gaming.

We near the end of this story but not the end of the adventure as =L1S= looks even further ahead to its future as a leader in online gaming.

The transition of =L1S= from a single BF2 clan to a Multi-Game clan is about to begin. Future favorites such as World of Tanks, Medal of Honor and the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 offer the Clan with multiple options to explore. To mark this occasion of =L1S=, on its 4th year anniversary the clan unveils this brand new website and forums to focus their efforts on branching out to any game that interests members of Last One Standing. Captphrede has been named as the first BFBC2 Chapter Leader where he will head up that chapter keeping in the tradition that is Last One Standing since the clan was founded 4 years ago.

=L1S= is already starting to recruit and plan for its immersion into the newest online adventure called World of Tanks. This game has many members excited about the idea of working together as a clan to conquer territory and make its mark upon the community.

The path of the new =L1S= has many roads from which gamers can travel down now and as our promise to each and every community we enter you'll receive the best that =L1S= has to offer.


Since Sept. 2, 2006, Last One Standing Clan has successfully coined it's style of respectful and fun gaming. BF2 and the expansions fueled our gaming for a few years, and Last One Standing developed a sound system of rules and admin guidelines. We hate cheaters and vehemently reject tards. Our staff is armed with various cheat/hacker defense tools, and use them frequently.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 proved to be a blast, and we got quite a bit of fun out of it. Most of us built new rigs or upgraded our existing ones in order to experience the features of destruction and graphics the new game supplied. BC2 was highly successful in many ways. We had to develop an effective admin tool, and we chose Procon. Our tech guru and of course one of the Founders, Sergeman, set things up intitially for our BC2 server, and the new "eye candy" graphics were intoxicating.

We made some new friends through BC2 and some old ones came back for a time. At one point =L1S= had two servers; BC2 and it's Vietnam expansion. The Vietnam expansion was fun but died out farely quickly, so we had to go back to only one server. 

Having served over a year as BC2 Chapter Leader, Captphrede stepped down and PanamaJim stepped up as Chapter Leader. PanamaJim became our genius of Procon Plugins, and a great deal of fun and debate was had over those plugins. Yes, we learned quite a lot with BC2.

The count down had begun. BF3 was coming! "THE GREAT HOPE" of BF3 and the fact that we were born a BF2 clan stirred up a huge amount of excitement for us gamers. Strike at Karkand, Sharqui Peninsula, Wake Island, etc, etc. Oh we were so EXCITED! The forums were lit up! Old and new members were making there marks and we were rolling. 

We continued to play BC2 as the countdown to release of BF3 expired. World of Tanks still had a crew working together. Rift had died. Medal of Honor and the likes were failures and minor diversions for us. Oh, and a waste of money too. We continued to game and wait for the release of BF3. During this waiting stage, the BF3 Chapter Leader Qoreman, worked hard to create the ideal "Chapter". 

So the countdown to BF3 was all there was it seems. Interestingly, several old members and founders made their way back and became active again. Battlefield Bad Company 2 gave us many hours of fun, but we were all anxious for BF3's release. Members were building and/or upgrading their pc's in order to receive maximum Video and gameplay.

In late 2010 EA began to release BF3 Alpha, Beta, and then finally the game was released after so much preliminaries. We all dove in and submersed ourselves in the technologically advanced gaming world of BF3. Since October of 2010 we have been playing BF3, and it's expansions. 

Was BF3 what we expected? No. Alas, the BF2 days are really over it seems.  But we are still enjoying BF3 as we hunker down and play it.   The World of Tanks crew still enjoys that game actively as well. Most of the Founders have drifted away, but there is a strong core of us with the concepts driving us as it did the founders.  Fair game play and no cheaters!  Our clan is thriving, and we will likely be here for quite some time. Thanks to all the leaders that keep things flowing, and to those that contribute financially to keep our servers up and running. Hail to thee Oh Last One Standing! [smilie=drinks.gif]

March 16th Two Thousand Fourteen

   My name is Captphrede and I feel inspired to update our clan history.  Qoreman, Elite Founder, mentor, revivor of "Last One Standing Clan", still remains in the background and checks in on things as his education and job in civilian life demands his time.  Much success old friend and much respect from =L1S=.

    Last One Standing has been in existence since September 2nd, 2006. we are now approaching 8 years and incredibly we are thriving.  Qoreman mentored Captphrede and promoted me ceaselessly until the point where I ended up with the purse strings and full control of our clan funds and links. Interestingly it all really started for me as enjoying a server that seemed to respect people.

I enjoyed playing commander in Battlefield 2, and I started sometime in 2005 playing at an internet cafe, because my dell inspiron would not run BF2.  As commander I would talk a lot to the squad leaders who were usually =L1S= members and they would invite me to come into ventrilo. At first I hated ventrilo, it was noisy and distracting, but eventually I became friends with these =L1S= guys and the rest is history.

As far as admin went, I thought it was cool to be trusted enough to be allowed the privilege of helping maintain the integrity of the server. I never dreamed of the level of admin I have now.

But, as these "Key's To The Kingdom" passed into Capthrede's hands, the next developmental phase of our clan, as far as we were concerned, was to spread this power around between loyal friends. We were to be a team. and no one person would have the burden of all the power.

 Many stall-wort friends, all with like-minded ideas of upholding =L1S= traditions, fun and fair play being the essence of these traditions, have merged into a team of site site owners here at Last One Standing. We have been successful in spreading this responsibility of ownership.

 The CGC (Clan Gaming Commission) are these owners, and share equal responsibility and voting power. We also like to take many decisions right down to the clan level.

 PanamaJim. always has his "hands in the fire" so to speak, leading, guiding, mentoring, and using his superb intelligence when needed. He also gave blood on the altar of being a Chapter Leader.

Lunni, who at times was the only one handling the work to get things running and running right, has given so much time and effort it boggles my mind how he does it.

 MadMike54, a superior manager and intelligent person, doing whatever is needed and helping maintain discipline and keeping our traditions alive and well.

 Hodgie, not a BF player, yet  ever in the background moderating, watching, and super-admining, who is even now working on our new website plan.

OldHobo, a great friend and longtime member that helps when needed and always has great wisdom and leadership advice.

Captphrede manages the finances, pays the bills,  and manages the domains.


Battlefield 4 has proven to be a lot of fun, and as new maps and modes and effects are released, it spikes the interest on a regular basis.  A new leader has emerged during this time. sneeki. What an incredible leader, mentor, and friend has come along! Currently sneeki is leading the Battlefield Chapter's Board of Directors.

 Because of sneeki and the friends he has brought along and mentored, our clan is growing! Many new members have been added, and a great deal of these new members are already stepping into leadership roles. It is exciting to see this. sneeki not only leads the BOD, but he is also a full admin and at some point he will become a Clan Gaming Commissioner.

 Welcome aboard all of you, now go have some fun!  

Captphrede 3/16/2014 

We hate hackers