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BF4 Mortar Guide
Commander Mode Interesting facts
Battlefield 4
  • BF4 Mortar Guide BF4 Mortar Guide
    The M224 Mortar is a gadget for the Support class in Battlefield 4.  It is unlocked ...
  • Commander Mode Interesting facts Commander Mode Interesting facts
    Just some interesting facts about BF4 commander mode

    Always Available AssetsUAV (Duration = 10 seconds / Cooldown = ~1 second)Use: Reveals all enemy infantry and vehicles in the marked area+25...
  • Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
    In this episode of ”The Road to Battlefield 4”, learn how we are guiding players to great team play, rewarding skill and dedication with ribbons, medals, Assignments, and more. Prepare 4 the biggest...

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